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If you’ve been following us, you know that in 2013 the collapse or Rana Plaza claimed the lives of 1,138 garment workers, and injured about 2,500 other employees, making it the 4th largest industrial disaster IN HISTORY. The greedy, harmful exploitation of these workers + factories under pressure to met massive corporation deadlines in a rapidly expanding FAST fashion industry is the reason so many lost their lives that day.

In the wake of the #RanaPlaza disaster in 2013 over 200+ brands signed The Bangladash Accord on fire & safety after public outcries around the world pressured the fashion industry + brands themselves to do better.
The Accord holds hundreds of brands accountable & is IMMENSELY impactful.
Now, with The Accord close to expiration, brands ARE NOT taking initiative to renew safety for their workers... out of the 200+ ONLY 5 HAVE STEPPED UP TO RESIGN.‼️
We have the power to save lives & put pressure on brands again.✊
TAG + COMMENT + DEMAND @hm @zara @tommyhilfiger @americaneagle (+ @aerie) and @ca to #signtheaccord to protect their workers #RannaPlazaNeverAgain

If they renew others will follow suit!!

Consider #donating here.. with 100% of the funds going to Remake, they are able to do things like enroll new change makers into their Ambassador Program that aims to inspire and train the next generation of leaders 🖤
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