Abortion is essentia

Abortion is essentia

Abortion is essential healthcare.

« Just to be clear: there is nothing “pro-life” about denying people comprehensive sexual education, making birth control harder to access, forcing others to give birth against their will, and stripping them of healthcare and food assistance afterwards. » @aoc

Today we were able to help escort patients to and from a local clinic by shielding them from the harassment of pro-life protesters. Women’s clinics provide a variety of services aside from abortion that are also extremely important to women’s reproductive and general health.
Everything from:
• STI/HIV testing
• pregnancy testing
• ultrasounds
• emergency contraceptives
• birth control
• adoption + parenting resources
• Ab-Anon + other counseling
& more (mammogram, Pap test, physical examinations, preventative care, etc) based on which clinic you visit

Also…. If it’s not your uterus then mind your f*ck!ng business 🤷‍♀️

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