I need this. You mig

I need this. You mig

I need this. You might too.

1. The law of attraction introduces elements, people, and opportunity into our lives by intention, timing, and emotions. We use this energy to attract things that are similar to us. You can use the law of attraction to expand your perspective when having a bad day by reflecting on opportunities you want. Look at the steps and mindset you need to get there. Build momentum. Momentum comes from showing up in little ways and saying yes to the things that produce those outcomes.

2. You can use the law of transmutation of energy to expand your perspective. When every possible minute of your life seems to be falling apart, make a vow about what you would like to see, hear, or feel for yourself tomorrow. Change the narrative, change the energy and the course of your life.

3. The law of polarity says that everything has an equal opposite or a dual nature. Think of good and evil, up and down, warm and cold. You can use the law of polarity to expand your perspective when you’re having a bad day by affirming that circumstances don’t stay the same forever. You’re not going to be sad, have crushing heartbreak, or be in turmoil indefinitely, even though it feels like it. There are smiles and moments of contentment to come. You only have to keep open to seeing them.

4. Use the law of rhythm to create a routine. Don’t rely on yourself to feel like it. Create a new motion, and if this seems daunting, make the tasks smaller and smaller yet. You don’t have to try to do this for long. Eventually, the movement will take over.
words: @thearleneambrose
RP: @collectiveworld

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