Thank you to everyon

Thank you to everyone who participated in @ecoeclectic’s #earthday swap + to everyone who bought a suit with Arcane🖤 ♻️American’s donate around 15% of their clothing with the other 85% (about 10.5… MILLION… TONS… A YEAR…) going to landfill and either burned or sent overseas to developing countries. Before you toss anything try looking into repair, repurpose, and refresh by swapping with your friends first🌱🥰 Supporting small businesses goes such a long way in our community so thank you for stopping in and getting to know us at Arcane,, @ecoeclectic, @genuitea, @jaxbeachesgirl, and @purelifekam ✨ As always, thank you for the space @drivefitnessjax and @farasagen for the vibezzz❤️‍🔥

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