Will we continue to search...

Will we continue to search...

Will we continue to search for happiness in the consumption of things? Will we be satisfied with a system that makes us feel rich, while leaving our world so desperately poor? Will we continue to turn a blind eye to the lives of those behind our clothes? Or will this be a turning point, a new chapter in our story, when together we begin to make a real change, as we remember that everything we wear was touched by human hands? In the midst of all the challenges facing us today, for all the problems that feel bigger than us and beyond our control, maybe we can start here, with clothes.

@anactglobal ‘s Act Up! Drive In screening of The True Cost last night was amazing, the weather and sky really showed out for - I brought my sister @laurenmaelani and friend @i.makepeace who were both so touched by the film it left them in tears (I cried the first time I watched it too, not kidding when I say it changed my life, a huge eye opener)

Here are some more pics from the night. These events are so fun and educational, I hope to encourage you and your friends to come to the next drive in event by Anact! You can also look at our IGTV Series where @busybusybri talks a little bit about how the climate crisis IS REAL! And it’s up to us to make a change.

See you at the next COVID conscious Act Up! Drive In 🖤

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